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special class-i qualification

issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development in march, 2012


nationally authorized patents

the 38th

among enr's 2018 top 250 international contractors


as a wholly-owned core subsidiary of zhongnan group, zhongnan construction has the national qualification of special-class general contractor of building construction, class-a design qualification in construction industry, class-i qualification of general contractor for highway works, class-i qualification of general contractor for municipal utilities. in addition, it also has many special work qualifications, such as class-i qualification for architectural ornament & decoration, class-i qualification for mechanical & electrical equipment installation, class-i qualification for special contractor of bridge works and class-i qualification for foundation works. it is a licensed overseas project contractor and labor services exporter approved by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.

through 33 years of development, zhongnan construction has become a leader in the construction industry of jiangsu province and the private general contractor with the most self-owned workers in china. it has been involved in the construction of hundreds of large projects, and won over 60 national high-quality project awards, such as luban prize and zhantianyou prize. it also won over a hundred provincial high-quality project awards such as "taishan cup", "yangzi cup" and "great wall cup", and participated in the preparation of tens of industry standards. as a "green construction pioneer and win-win example" in the industry, the company has built an integrated industrial pattern, integrating house construction, building installation, decoration, industrial equipment installation, steel structure, npc, municipal roads & bridges, infrastructure, utility tunnel and underground structure. relying on its advantage in industry chain and special class-i qualification, it has become a brand service provider trusted by customers.


  • national excellent construction enterprise
  • top 100 competitors in chinese construction industry
  • top 100 companies in construction industry of jiangsu province (general strength)
  • top 100 competitors in construction industry of jiangsu province
  • annual outstanding contributor to modernization of construction industry of jiangsu province
  • technological advancement and technological innovation enterprise
  • trustworthy enterprise
  • aaa credit enterprise in national construction industry
  • credit rating aaa enterprise

ranking in the industry:

  • the 8th in the list of top 500 chinese construction enterprises in 2017
  • the 6th in the top 50 chinese building contractors
  • the 38th among enr's 2018 top 250 international contractors
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